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#1 Laptop CD DVD Guard 3.3

27-12-2012, 21:18 Author:Molla Category:Software

Laptop CD DVD Guard v3.3 | 4 Mb

CD/DVD drive's tray is a rather fragile thing. It's easy to break it by occasional pressure. Laptop computers are often taken from different sides, and it's easy to press the button on front of the optical button, eject its door and crash it accidentally. Thus laptop computers require special protection for their optical devices to prevent crash of their tray. Laptop CD/DVD Guard provides the simplest but still very effective way for protecting CD/DVD drive of your notebook. While designing Laptop CD/DVD Guard we have taken into account all peculiarities of CD/DVD drives being installed on laptops.

#2 Laptop CD/DVD Guard 3.3

27-12-2012, 20:35 Author:Molla Category:Software

Laptop CD/DVD Guard 3.3

Laptop CD/DVD Guard 3.3 | 1.1 Mb

Laptop CD/DVD Guard offers you all of the features of CD/DVD Door Guard Pro applicable on laptop computers. It helps you to lock the drive and prevent your small children from playing with it, locks your laptop's drive when the computer goes to sleep mode, reminds about forgotten disk inside the drive. It can show messages or play a sound when the drive is being locked and lock the drive immediately after starting Windows. Also you can customize what the utility will do when you click on its icon in tray.

#3 Eguasoft Hockey Scoreboard v2.4

28-12-2012, 00:00 Author:Molla Category:Software

Eguasoft Hockey Scoreboard v2.4 | 1.74 MB

Normally, physical scoreboards are expensive and difficult to be established. This software provides a simple but useful scoreboard display. Just install it to your laptop and establish a connection between your laptop and a projector.

#4 FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.01 Build 20121130

27-12-2012, 23:49 Author: Fedel Category:Software


FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.01 Build 20121130

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.01 Build 20121130
30 MB
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies

HTML, CSS, and javascript Mobile Development For Dummies
English | 2011 | ISBN: 1118026225 | 432 pages | PDF | 19.1 MB

Today, mobile devices outnumber desktop and laptop computers three to one. Skill in developing web sites that work on mobile devices is in demand, and this friendly, step-by-step guide shows how to build and optimize sites using HTML5 and other standard web development tools. Building web sites that work for all types of smartphones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and BlackBerry devices is a skill much in demand as mobile devices outpace both desktop and laptop computers, and this book gets you started.

#6 FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.0.20120920

27-12-2012, 21:30 Author: Evo Category:Software

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.0.20120920

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro 15.0.20120920 | 29.2 MB

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro is a CD emulation utility that creates disc images, or "virtual CDs" from game and application CDs and DVDs. This enables you to run games and applications without the physical disc loaded in a CD/DVD-ROM drive. Your virtual CDs (VCDs) run in any one of up to 23 "virtual drives" that you configure in the software and that appear as drive letters in Windows Explorer. VirtualDrive Pro also includes a full version of Virtual Hard Drive, a RAM disk drive utility that functions like an extra hard drive on your computer, only much faster and without wear and tear on physical parts.

#7 Collobos FingerPrint

27-12-2012, 23:12 Author: Fedel Category:Software


Collobos FingerPrint | 6 Mb

Don't feel like buying a new printer so you can print from your iPhoneв„ў or iPadв„ў? Now you don't have to. For under $10.00, you can AirPrintв„ў enable your printers. It's easy. One click, and you'll be printing from your iDevice in no time! All your printers are displayed in an easy to read list in FingerPrint's main window. You can then select which printers you want to AirPrintв„ў enable. Bonjour technology is used to advertise your printers, and in seconds those printers will show up in your iDevice. FingerPrint makes it easy to move files from your iDevice to your computer. Open up documents and photos, import photos into iPhoto (Mac only), and save files to Dropbox. With FingerPrint, your computer and iDevice will work together better than ever before. Have you ever snapped a photo on your iPhoneв„ў and then wanted to open the picture on your laptop? It's usually an awkward process of syncing or emailing. With FingerPrint, one touch of your finger and the photo will open up on your laptop!

#8 Game Mechanics - Advanced Game Design

27-12-2012, 01:50 Author: Justin Category:eBooks


Game Mechanics - Advanced Game Design

Game Mechanics - Advanced Game Design
English | 1 edition (June 25, 2012) | ISBN: 0321820274 | 360 pages | PDF | 20 MB

#9 Indie Game Mag - December 2012

27-12-2012, 06:17 Author: Justin Category:eBooks


Indie Game Mag - December 2012

Indie Game Mag - December 2012
English | PDF | 30 pages | 15.5Mb

#10 YesShield v1.0 Special Halloween 2012 Giveaway

27-12-2012, 22:21 Author:Molla Category:Software


YesShield 1.0 Special Halloween 2012 Giveaway | 1.7 MB

Keep your MBR unchanged when using YesShield—YesShield provides a very effective, protective and powerful solution to your PC/laptop to fight against unwanted changes or malicious activities. When your computer disk is in protection mode, all changes made to it will restore to the original state after a reboot. YesShield will provide the best security and solution to save your important files and folders to the real environment. Your important files and folders can be permanently kept and saved to the real environment with high flexibility under the protection of YesShield. This can make sure that your essential files can be kept even after a reboot.
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